Weekend Contest, 9 Feb 2018



Update–Congratulations to our three winners!

Joe@ramblingrump, Frederi Pochard, and David Litster

Thanks to all who entered!

Hello folks,

The Bureau of Dragons is giving away three License to Slay Cards this weekend. The contest is much easier than slaying a dragon. Post a greeting below or send a comment to our Contact page. Winners will be picked randomly using random.org. One entry per person. The cost of international shipping (outside of the US) is not included at this time.

Winners will be posted in an update after the contest ends Sunday at 10:08 pm Central Time.

Good Luck! There will be three (3) chances to win this time, so be sure to enter!

And if you don’t win…you can always purchase a License to Slay here.


14 thoughts on “Weekend Contest, 9 Feb 2018

  1. Greetings! with the old dragon living in Mt. Saint Helens awaking after his long slumber (since his rampage that destroyed half the mountain laid waste to large patch of Washington back in May of 1980) I think it’s time to get my license and fix my old dragon scale armor dispatch this terror.

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  2. Greetings.
    Not that I knew I needed it to make most almost day-to-day activity legal but having one of those would be nice.
    So thank you. I’ll send my pet wyvern to pick it up. Or you can just send it by mail of course.


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