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“Dragons are a childhood fancy, right up to the moment that one rips your best suit coat.” ~ Louis Baston, Secretary of the Bureau of Dragons



If you have come upon this site with prior knowledge, read on. But if you have wandered here by happenstance, be warned–the next words you read will have a profound affect on your life.

Dragons are real.


They have existed since before the dawn of man, a force of nature not to be taken lightly. Stories that fuel our childhood imaginations sometimes have a kernel of truth.

I am Louis Baston, the One-Hundred and First Secretary of the Bureau of Dragons. We have not been formally introduced yet, but I need your help.

The Bureau of Dragons is a non-governmental organization tasked with monitoring all known dragon-human interactions, and sole regulatory body for issuing a License to Slay.

The Bureau has created this portal for a dual purpose–a) the processing of License to Slay applications, and b) the training of future wardens. Heroes slay dragons. Wardens protect the innocent from contact with dragons and make sure that license holders are in good standing with all regulations.

Some of our license holders may one day be chosen to become wardens. They are persons of all ages with the imagination to see beyond the ordinary, strength of will, and above all–courage.

Be vigilant, be prepared, and remember–don’t wear your best suit coat.

Yours faithfully,

Louis Baston

Secretary, Bureau of Dragons